Pimlico Elementary / Middle School

Neighborhood/Enrollment Zone

Pimlico Elementary/Middle serves its neighborhood zone (21215) which includes the Cylburn, Central Park Heights, and Lucille Park neighborhoods. Any child living or moving into the neighborhood may enroll at any time, without participating in a lottery. If you live in this zone, call or email the school to enroll.

If you live out of the zone, you can still apply to enroll your child at Pimlico Elementary/Middle. If there are no vacancies at the time, students can be added to a waitlist or upcoming lottery.

Charter Status

The Board of School Commissioners approved Pimlico Elementary/Middle conversion to a neighborhood charter school in 2021. Its next renewal will be in 2026.

What’s after Pimlico?

High schools are not zoned by home address like elementary schools are in Baltimore City, therefore students will go through the High School Choice process in January of their eighth grade year. Many of our students go on to Baltimore’s best city-wide high schools like Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, City College, and Western. Many of them are accepted in the competitive Ingenuity Program and private schools as well. The school choice liaison at Pimlico will help guide families through this process.

Pimlico Elementary/Middle# 223

4849 Pimlico Road
Baltimore, MD  21215
Phone Number: 410-396-0876

Grades served: Pre-K-8
Principal: Nneka Barnett

21st Century building opened in 2018



Contact Us

2707 E. Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
Fax: 410-675-7030

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