Now in its fourth year, the Pimlico Elementary / Middle School (PEMS) Middle School Health Science Program, in partnership with LifeBridge Health, had a very active year of learning about medical career pathways. 

In 2023-2024, the program’s speaker series expanded to 15 speakers from Sinai Hospital from various departments. Students learned about careers in human resources, nurse leadership, pediatrics department on the integumentary system, ophthalmology, physical therapy, peer recovery coaching, nursing informatics, cardiology, reproductive health, pharmacy, pediatrics department on the respiratory system, medical ethics, and oncology. This year, Sinai residents also came to speak about the nervous system and brain development. 

Field trips and hands-on learning highlights included:

  • 8th graders in the program touring Sinai Hospital and inpatient rehab, the children’s hospital, the emergency department, and inpatient pharmacy
  • 7th graders hands-on training from Lifebridge-Sinai experts on the Stop the Bleed team
  • 6th graders visiting Sinai’s simulation lab, where they treated “Grandma Jenkins,” a medical practice robot

Lifebridge and Pimlico plan to expand the speaker series and tours next year. Each year, the program begins with a “White Coat” ceremony for new 6th grade students selected for the free program. This partnership is unique among the Baltimore Curriculum Project neighborhood charter schools. Lifebridge sponsors a similar program at two non-BCP schools in the region.

This partnership means so much to Lifebridge and Sinai Hospital, as it allows us the opportunity to share medical pathways with students as well as a chance to hopefully show them that their community hospital is a safe place filled with people who care about their health and wellbeing.

Roxanne Woltil

Lifebridge’s School Partnerships Liaison

For the dozens of PEMS students who are participating and have participated in this program, it is transformative.

Matthew Ownens, PEMS 7th Grade Science Teacher, the impact of the Middle School Health Science Program is substantial. “Many more students are not only comfortable with making a decision whether to pursue a career in healthcare, they are also confident in actually making the choice,” he says. “Several students have expressed the intention to become pediatricians.”

Thank you, LifeBridge, for this great collaboration with our wonderful community hospital! 

Read more about this thriving BCP community partnership.

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