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BCP has been part of Baltimore’s Community Schools Strategy since its inception in 2005.

With the support of a full-time site coordinator, Community Schools tap into a network of partnerships between the school and other community resources to promote student achievement and family and community well-being.

An integrated focus on academics, enrichment, health and social supports, youth and community development and family engagement is designed to promote student success, strong families and healthy communities.

Partnerships allow schools to become resources to the community and offer programs and opportunities that are open to all.

All BCP schools are Community Schools that serve neighborhood attendance zones.

  • Bon Secours Community Works serves as the lead Community School agency for Frederick Elementary.
  • Child First Authority serves as the lead Community School agency for City Springs Elementary/Middle School with the support of a generous grant from the Family League of Baltimore.
  • Hampstead Hill Academy (HHA) employs two staff members who perform functions similar to those of a Community School Coordinator: a Director of Community Outreach and a Latino Community Coordinator.
  • Strong City Baltimore serves as the lead Community School agency for Govans Elementary with the support of a generous grant from the Goldseker Foundation.
  • University of Maryland Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS) serves as the lead Community School agency for Wolfe Street Academy with the support of a generous grant from the Family League of Baltimore.
  • Park Heights Renaissance serves as the lead Community School agency for Pimlico Elementary/Middle School with the support of a generous grant from the Family League of Baltimore.

BCP would like to thank the Family League and BCPS for supporting this critical initiative.


To address the array of challenges faced by students from low-income families, BCP provides after-school and summer school services at some of its schools including the BCP After School Program at Wolfe Street Academy, the BCP 21st Century Community Learning Center at Govans Elementary, and the BCP After School Program at Frederick Elementary. All BCP afterschool programs include rigorous academic instruction and a variety of engaging enrichment activities. Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the school community again following a high-quality replicable program model.  

BCP operated After School & Summer School Programs are overseen by a full-time Director of Out of School Time (OST) Program. The OST Director and program staff are employees of the school and Baltimore Curriculum Project. This in-house model allows for greater alignment between day school, after school, and summer school, and program staff are fully integrated into the school culture. The academic teaching staff is typically recruited from the day school certified teaching staff. Our Enrichment Educators come from various backgrounds including the arts, sciences, education, social services fields, and more. Many are young adults, some with degrees and some pursuing degrees; some are day school staff as well. Volunteers are also essential members of the program “staff”. Each program relies on the work of volunteers to lead enrichment activities, provide one-on-one tutoring, assist in the classroom, and more.  

Each program blends academic and enrichment opportunities into the day, typically adding 400 hours to the school year. Programs are free of charge to working families and incorporate family engagement events as well as parent workshops. Students receive homework help, tutoring, and healthy snacks and meals. Academic class subjects may vary from school to school based on each school’s specific areas of need, but each school incorporates STEM, literacy & math. BCP Academic Coaches oversee academic teaching staff to ensure rigorous academic instruction. Enrichment opportunities also vary by school and are based heavily on student interests. Enrichments have included activities such as Sailing, Yoga, Character Education, Physics, Girls on the Run, Robotics, Chess, String Instruments, and more!  

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