Neighborhood Conversion Charter Schools

All children deserve access to an excellent school in their neighborhood. BCP does not run lottery-admission charter schools. Because we convert existing schools into neighborhood charter schools, our schools continue to serve their neighborhood zones. Any child living or moving into the neighborhood may enroll at any time, without participating in a lottery.

BCP works with, not against, existing school communities. All our schools have invited us to be their partner in a collaborative process that builds on the strengths already present in each school community.

Strong Schools = Strong Neighborhoods. By investing in neighborhood schools, we strengthen neighborhoods, making them more attractive for young families and new businesses.

“BCP is the best operator because it offers phenomenal onsite curricular and extracurricular development and support. It delivers credible, talented consultants who work daily onsite, side-by- side with school staff to identify and solve instructional and personnel challenges.… BCP’s focus is on continuously improving teaching and learning for each student.”

Matthew Hornbeck

Principal, Hampstead Hill Academy

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