The BCP Team

Our team is talented and committed!

We are mission-driven and love to see students succeed.

Laura Doherty

President and CEO

Toby Pitts

Chief Financial Officer

Jon McGill

Director of Academic Affairs

Brianna Kaufman

Director of Operations

Tiffany Long

Grants & Special Projects Coordinator

Angela Scott

Human Resources Administrator

Wayne Lawson

Database Specialist

In support of our educational model, BCP employs School-Based Instructional Coaches:

Alison Ambrose
Maura Farrall
Carey Fetting-Smith
Linda Frost

Ashley Green
Stacey Hicks
Nicole Jobe
Catherine Johnson

Marvelyn Johnson
Jodi Jones
Mike Lucas
Patrice Riggin

Keith Tabor
Megan Tyson
Charmaine Turner
Rebecca Wheeler

Principals of BCP schools

BCP schools are led by exceptional principals with a track record of success.

Mark Gaither

Wolfe Street Academy

Harold Henry

Frederick Elementary

Matt Hornbeck

Hampstead Hill Academy

Bernarda Kwaw

Govans Elementary

Rhonda Richetta

City Springs Elementary/Middle

Nneka Warren

Pimlico Elementary/Middle

Contact Us

2707 E. Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
Fax: 410-675-7030

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