Frederick Elementary


Frederick Elementary School

Frederick Elementary # 260
2501 Frederick Ave.
Baltimore, MD  21223
Phone Number: 410-396-0830
*21st Century building, opened in 2017

Grades served: Prek-5
Enrollment Capacity:
Principal: Harold Henry

Neighborhood/Enrollment Zone

Frederick Elementary serves their neighborhood zone (21223 zip code) which includes Millhill, Carrolton Ridge, Shipley Hill Neighborhoods. Any child living or moving into the neighborhood may enroll at any time, without participating in a lottery. If you live in this zone call or email the school to enroll.

If you live out of zone but would like to attend Frederick click here for more information. Note that if you are not in the zone, you may be added to a wait list or upcoming lottery, if there are no vacancies at that time.

Charter Status

Frederick Elementary school converted to a neighborhood charter school in 2017. Their next renewal will be in 2021.

What’s after Frederick?

Although most middle schools are not zoned by home address like elementary schools in Baltimore City, Frederick is a feeder school for Katherine Johnson Global Academy #75 (formerly Calverton Elementary/Middle). Therefore, students at Frederick will automatically be enrolled at Katherine Johnson unless families choose to participate in Middle School Choice. The school choice liaison at Frederick will help guide families in this process.

Contact Us

2707 E. Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
Fax: 410-675-7030

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