While basic services for BCP schools and administration are funded by Baltimore City Public Schools, innovative projects and programs require additional funds. Through grants and donations, BCP has provided support for a variety of special school projects such as:

  • Hampstead Hill Academy’s $3 million Early Learning Wing Renovation
  • City Springs Elementary/Middle Community Athletic Complex
  • City Springs Elementary/Middle Early Learning Center
  • Govans Elementary Community Outreach Initiative
  • Frederick Elementary Community Outreach Initiative
  • Wolfe Street Academy Extended Day Program


There are several ways to support our schools and the work we do:

One-time or recurring monthly donation

Your donation will ensure that BCP has the necessary funds to support our schools with special projects. You can specify which school or initiative as needed. If you are interested in making a donation, please click here.

In-kind Donations

Individuals, corporations, and businesses can all make in-kind donations that include physical materials and objects, professional expertise, services, or rent-free space. If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, please email

Muriel Berkley Innovation Fund

BCP created the Muriel Berkeley Innovation Fund in 2016 to honor BCP’s founder Dr. Berkeley and to invest in and plan for the future of BCP schools. Funds contributed to the Muriel Berkeley Innovation Fund multiply through the earnings of an investment account, allowing BCP to withdraw yearly dividends. We believe taking a strategic and proactive approach will allow this fund to provide substantially for our schools for many years to come. If you are interested in contributing to the Muriel Berkeley Innovation Fund:

My seventy-year supply of memories is filled with children and teachers energized by the thrill of skill building and learning. New tools such as Direct Instruction, CHAMPS, Core Knowledge, and Restorative Practices are but a few of the innovations that have made our schools successful. But we need to keep the ideas flowing and accessible to our schools and all children in Baltimore.

Dr. Muriel Berkley

Baltimore Curriculum Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to support our six schools and to impact public education in Baltimore. Thank you for your tax-deductible donation!

About the Baltimore Curriculum Project

Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP) is the largest operator of local neighborhood, public charter schools in Maryland. We create safe, supportive learning environments for children PK-8 by providing innovative, research-based educational strategies, intensive teacher training and extensive support for administration and staff. We support our local neighborhood needs by tailoring our resources and support through community partnerships.

As one of the longest-running charter operators in Maryland, our schools are regularly recognized as some of the most highly acclaimed neighborhood charter schools in the state. 

Pimlico Elementary / Middle School

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