My daughter & son recently graduated from Hampstead Hill Academy. Both did well and went on their first choice high schools, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Archbishop Curley High School.

When Azaria was in middle school at Hampstead Hill, Principal Hornbeck told me about the Urban League’s Saturday Leadership Program (SLP). Azaria (and now Kofi) have been involved every since. Azaria, and a few other children were selected by their peers to be on the youth board. As a result, Azaria and the other board members were invited to attend an all-expenses-paid college based youth conference in St. Louis, where she worked with youths from across the country. Their experience has expanded their world view. It was a unique educational and developmental experience, focused on important skills for success in college, work and life.

Sincere thanks,
Bernarda Kwaw, HHA parent

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