Pimlico ExteriorPimlico Elementary / Middle School has been the heart of the Park Heights community since 1910. Today, as a neighborhood charter school operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP), Pimlico is being transformed with innovative programming and new and renovated buildings while celebrating its legacy as a neighborhood anchor

Pimlico Leadership

Nneka Warren

Nneka Warren


Corey Debnam

Corey Debnam, M.Ed.

Assistant Principal

Melvin Holmes

Melvin Holmes

Assistant Principal

It’s exciting to lead Pimlico Elementary / Middle School with its impressive history in the neighborhood and region into a new chapter. We’re so excited by the changes in culture and learning that have happened since 2021 when Pimlico became part of the BCP family. And we’re thrilled to help families in the Park Heights community thrive.

Nneka Warren


Pimlico’s Distinctions

Pimlico Gym


  • Became BCP school In 2021, in partnership with Baltimore City Schools
  • Pre-K-8 with ESOL for all grades
  • Only middle school in Park Heights
  • Gifted and advanced program
  • Pimlico/Sinai Middle Grades Health Sciences Program, a unique, free program with advanced science classes and hands-on exploration for medical and health careers by Sinai Hospital staff through demonstrations, lectures, labs, tours and field trips.
  • Enrichment classes in physical education, art, food for life and media arts
  • Family Engagement program
  • After School activities including focus on Diversity, Equity, and inclusion through student-led, Middle School LGBTQ+ club and safe space for discussions on sexuality and gender. Visit pimlico223.org for a full list of activities.
  • Extensive support for teachers, staff, and the Park Heights community
  • Deep partnership with Park Heights Renaissance to provide wrap-around services for school families

As one of six BCP schools in Baltimore City, Pimlico students receive:

  • Customized learning for each student through BCP’s Research-based, individualized Direct Instruction program
  • Restorative Practice for relationship-building and problem-solving
  • A safe, nurturing, fun environment where every child is known and loved

Pimlico’s Partners

Pimlico’s lead community partner, Park Heights Renaissance, helps Pimlico create a thriving community hub for school families and the neighborhood. Student and family support include:

  • Community engagement activities
  • Health services: annual dental, vision, and hearing screening for students
  • Onsite food pantry
  • Mental health services 
  • Afterschool programming with the Dream Academy
  • Donation drives through local churches and nonprofits

Pimlico - Sinai Partnership ChartThe Pimlico/Sinai Middle Grades Health Sciences Program, launched in 2020-21, is a three-year program in partnership with LifeBridge Health and Sinai Hospital. Pimlico students, 6th through 8th grade, take advanced science classes to help prepare them towards a career path in a medical or health-related field. 

This is the first full academic year for the program with in-person visits, classes, and tours. Experiential learning includes field trips to Sinai Hospital and school visits from medical and non-medical staff, who share demonstrations, lectures, and other hands-on learning opportunities. 

Last October, a group of students toured Sinai Hospital’s Emergency Department and the Children’s Hospital. In February 2023, students received “Stop the Bleed” training from Sinai staff. Recent speakers include Dr. Sunal Makadia, director of Sports Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation at LifeBridge Health, and Melissa Kintslinger, quality coordinator of the Diabetes and Nutrition Center at Northwest Hospital.

Pimlico - Sinai Partnership
Pimlico students learning in Sinai Hospital
Pimlico/Sinai Partnership White Coat Pinning Ceremony

Watch the WJZ-TV spot on the Pimlico/Sinai Middle Grades Health Sciences Program.

Blending History and Innovation as a 21st Century School

Pimlico PEMS Building School Facility
Pimlico PEMS Bright School Entrance
Pimlico PEMS Auditorium Perform
Pimlico PEMS Study Lounge Learning

In 2018, BCP opened a fully renovated 21st Century School building, with funding by the City and state, to honor the original Pimlico School buildings while offering the very best in modern learning facilities. We have the latest in technology, a spacious media center, athletic fields, gymnasium, auditorium, community suite, gathering spaces, and more.

Pimlico Elementary/Middle School #223

4849 Pimlico Road, Baltimore, MD 21215

Main: (410) 396-0876 | pimlico223.org

About the Baltimore Curriculum Project

Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP) is the largest operator of local neighborhood, public charter schools in Maryland. We create safe, supportive learning environments for children PK-8 by providing innovative, research-based educational strategies, intensive teacher training and extensive support for administration and staff. We support our local neighborhood needs by tailoring our resources and support through community partnerships.

As one of the longest-running charter operators in Maryland, our schools are regularly recognized as some of the most highly acclaimed neighborhood charter schools in the state. 

Pimlico Elementary / Middle School

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