Gregory Rosario, Hampstead Hill Academy, Class of 2016 

Attended: Hampstead Hill Academy, K – 8th Grade

  • Activities:  baseball, debate, stage crew
  • High School:  Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Class of 2020
  • Activities: Ingenuity Project, focus on advanced placement, 14 AP classes total
  • College: University of Maryland, College Park, Class of 2024
  • Banneker Key Scholar, full merit scholarship
  • Activities:  Smith Business Academy, president, 2022-2023

Do you have any favorite memories from your time at Hampstead Hill Academy (HHA)?

My favorite memories probably reside in my time going to debate tournaments. One of my teammates was my best friend, so I was able to have weekends where I could spend time with my friends while we also challenged ourselves to be competitive. With my teammate, Austin Korycki, we won various tournaments and went to the state regional debate competition.

Overall, every teacher I had in HHA was exceptional and molded me into the hardworking student that I continued to be throughout high school and college.

I also took part in Middle Grade Partnerships programs where I enjoyed continuing to learn during the summer. It was not only focused on education, but I had a balance between fun activities and continued mental stimulation.

Where have you been since you left HHA?

For high school, I attended Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, where I participated in the Ingenuity Project. I took a total of 14 advanced placement classes. I continued my education at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD). I was fortunate to be named a Banneker Key Scholar and received a full scholarship based on merit.

Currently, I am pursuing my double degree in Finance & Information Systems, with a minor in Business Analytics. At UMD, I have been heavily involved in the diversity initiatives within the business school, specifically with the Smith Business Academy. It’s an organization for minority men, which gives us the skills we need to develop as “men of distinction” and ensures we have the resources and opportunities for continued success. I was the President of the Smith Business Academy for the last academic year (2022 -23). 

Have you thought about what happens after college?

My time in high school prepared me to be okay with being challenged and built my study habits, allowing me to achieve a high college GPA, currently 3.97. 

I will be graduating this June from UMD and have secured a position as a finance associate with Bloomberg Industry Group in the Arlington, Virginia area. Throughout middle school and high school, I was set on a career in the STEM field; however, as my parents are business owners, they exposed me to business, and I chose to apply my engineering mind to the business landscape. 

Congratulations, Gregory, on all your achievements and for a bright future!

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