Each year, the Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP) selects a BCP teacher from its six, neighborhood conversion charter schools as the recipient of the Brenda Kahn Memorial Award for Educational Excellence. 

BCP Principals nominate potential awardees for demonstrating the qualities exemplified by the late Brenda Kahn, who had an extensive career with Baltimore City Public Schools and BCP and served many roles, including a teacher, instructional coach and Assistant Principal.  

  • Academic expertise and excellence
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Collegiality
  • High-quality instructional skills

Brenda Khan was with BCP for many years and was part of the early days of implementing Direct Instruction in Baltimore City. She saw the power of it. Brenda’s lesson preparation was extraordinary, as was her level of thoughtfulness about what it took to bring comprehension to the kids. To honor her memory, we present the Brenda Kahn Award annually to recognize teachers who demonstrate Brenda-like talent, preparations, and passion.

Laura Doherty

BCP President and CEO

This year, at the 2024 Leading Minds: Challenging Conversations in Public Education, held at Pimlico Elementary / Middle School on January 26, 2024, there were two awardees.

Congratulations to Danielle Parker, 3rd Grade Math teacher, City Springs Elementary / Middle School, and Jen Pintuck, Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Wolfe Street Academy!

About Danielle Parker, 3rd Grade Math teacher, City Springs Elementary / Middle School: 

  • In 2019, her first year at City Springs, she trained in Direct Instruction as a Kindergarten teacher, then taught 2nd grade.
  • This is her first year teaching 3rd grade. At the beginning of the 2023-24, 100% of her students met their growth targets for math on the NWEA MAP; this winter, 87.5% of her students met their growth target and 172% of the projected growth was met. 

From Dr. Rhonda Richetta, Principal, City Springs Elementary / Middle School:

“What I admire most about Ms. Parker is her unwavering belief in her students. She will not give up on any student. If you tell her that something is not possible, you will turn her into a woman on a mission to prove you wrong. In a time when raising math achievement is a challenge around our State and across our nation, Ms. Parker’s students and families are fortunate to have her as their math teacher and we are fortunate to have her on our team.”

About Jen Pintuck, Pre-Kindergarten, Wolfe Street Academy

  • Has taught Pre-K at Wolfe Street since 2008 and has worked with Baltimore City’s youngest learners at other City Schools since 1998
  • In 2022-23 and 2023-24, led Pre-K Accreditation process soon to be required of all Pre-K programs in Maryland, opening up her classroom to Pre-K teachers from across the district and BCP schools.

From Mark Gaither, Principal, Wolfe Street Academy:

“Ms. Pintuck brings her years of experience in the classroom, and from raising her own two children, to the task of creating a stable early learning team at Wolfe Street Academy. As the longest serving early childhood educator at the school, the stability of the program and culture that Ms. Pintuck creates supports our students throughout their career at Wolfe Street.”

Past Kahn Award Recipients:

2020: Marvelyn Johnson, Instructional Coach, Frederick Elementary

2021: Dorothy Glewwe, Kindergarten Teacher, City Springs Elementary/Middle

2022: Stacey Hicks, Instructional Coach, City Springs Elementary/Middle, and Victoria Jennings, Assistant Principal, Govans Elementary

2023: Brian White, 7th grade Math Teacher at Hampstead Hill Academy 


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